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Social and Environmental Sustainability, together for a runaway during the Venice Fashion Night 2018. Guests of the renowned Ca’ Sagredo Hotel.

Poethica is created to inspire a new sustainable way to be Fashionable and RespectfulSomething Good for the Planet. For Workers. For Consumers. A collective of shiny designers works to give some shapes to the poetry.

All new garments are produced by conscientious manufacturing partners across many countries, from north of India to south America, from South Africa to nord of Europe. Rediscovering ancient methods and supporting innovative materials. Renouncing to all forms of cruelty against any form of life, human as animal. Trusting on better practices throughout a certified supply chain, making lovely styles even giving a second life of what has already been produced, through a responsible upcycling practices of fibers an polymers, even thanks to the re-use of vintage garments and fabrics next to be throw away.

“The new Lifestyle is Circular as the new Luxury is Sustainable.”

They say Jose’ Luis Toniutti, Artistic Director of Poethica, with Rebeca Dúer, Product Manager. “We are delighted to be part of the Venice Fashion Night during a moment devoted to the Ethical Fashion”.

During this special event will stage some dresses, preview of the next zero collection named “Bohemian Echos” available in 2019. Non-Cruelty Silks like Ahimsa, Eri, Muga, Organic hemp, linen, Pinatex and vintage fabrics will be the the soul of the Poethica’s fancy bohemian shape. Poethica. Made Kindly.

Two emerging labels selected to represent
the green-revolution already in place in the
clothing industry for a new Circular Economy.

Imama is a nonprofit fashion brand, born to be an opportunity-maker and financial engine for less-favoured from different countries that need a spark to switch on and make the change real. Imama, choose those people that know the dressmaking but live the risk to be excluded by the society and by the jobs opportunities. We commit the production to social cooperatives, labour and atelier in italy and abroad that work for a social and professional integration of people that live the discomfort and the marginalisation. We work together with partner that promote the professionalisation and the inclusion of people through the job and the active involvement on projects, accessing to the opportunity of a personal, social and economic redemption. All production units, in Italy and abroad, be able to invest the income achieved thanks to the Imama’s goods production, into personal initiatives of entrepreneurial promoting the social and professional inclusion, getting better the life condition in different demographic areas where’s the projects is. We started with a line of cotton fabrics, made by the tailors of the Guinea’s Republic. The goal is to diversify more and more the proposal, starting form the know-how of the production units that cooperate with Imama to create new capsule collections and new product categories, promoting the human value, meanwhile the value of work. Human value. Work Value.

We are proud to take part to the Venice Fashion Night. During this important occasion, we made some dresses to tell about life and opportunities. Matching Stefania Pochesci’s fabrics, designed thinking to love infusion, happiness and bird’s tweets, with the wax fabrics that hanks to their colours and their tradition, represent the origin of the brand. Garments are made in the Guineanian atelier by tailors from social cooperatives partner with Imama for this special occasion.

An opportunity to look at the sustainability
and let inspire, by facing up on topics
of the Ethical Fashion.

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